With a universal joint from AutoQuipment, you’re getting superior parts at the best prices. When you buy from us you get:

  • Universal joints made with high-grade chrome-molybdenum steel and coated with a proprietary protective formula for ultimate strength and corrosion protection.
  • An option of plain, plate, or grooved cup u-joints to fit almost any vehicle.
  • Confidence in knowing all of our products are backed by our 90-day warranty.

We sell OE-spec universal joints and yokes for a variety of vehicles. Get auto parts that meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Start shopping for your universal joints by selecting your vehicle year below. Be Ready. 


What is a universal joint? 

A u-joint is a mechanical device that connects rotating shafts on different planes. It allows for rotary motion between two points that don’t align. In a vehicle, this allows for the driveshaft and rear axle to remain aligned over bumpy terrain.

Why do universal joints make squeaking noises? 

Over time, the grease in a joint may deteriorate, causing a metal-on-metal squeaking sound while driving. This is a sign your u-joints need lubricated, if possible, or replaced.

What vehicles have universal joints? 

U-joints are most often found in pickup trucks and other rear-wheel-drive vehicles, at both ends of the driveshaft.

What are some examples of universal joints in an engine?

In a vehicle, u-joints are typically x-shaped parts that connect the driveshaft to the transmission. These freely rotating joints allow the rotating motion of a crankshaft to power the rear axle of the vehicle.

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